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Iris is a popular Nostr client created by Martti Malmi. Iris will integrate Scionic Merkle Trees to support Decentralized Multimedia without HTTP. Martti plans to focus on voluntary Web of Trust spam-prevention and other P2P functionalities.


ZeroSync, led by Robin Linus, brought BitVM and STARK based Zero-Knowledge Proofs to Bitcoin. Robin pioneered BitStream so users could atomically exchange files for coins over the Lightning Network, incentivized by fraud proofs.


H.O.R.N.E.T Storage and Nostr provide decentralized social media and file hosting. Nestr leverages both to offer a decentralized GitHub-like experience as a desktop app -- powered by Electron, React, and Go -- complete with profiles and a customizable feed.

Lightning Network

The Lightning Network is a layer-two solution for Bitcoin, enabling low-cost transactions with instant finality. Lightning leverages off-chain channels to scale without on-chain congestion, historically enabled by the UASF movement.

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